Elements: earth & water

Qualities: cool, heavy, soft & slow

Physiological functions: body structure & lubrication

Seasons: late winter & spring

Times of day: 6am – 10am & 6pm – 10pm

Individuals that have a kapha imbalance may be sluggish, foggy, overweight, depressed, have excess mucous and respiratory problems. Energizing factors that oppose these tendencies and can help restore kapha balance include:

  • warm, spicy and light foods such as clear soups and sautéed veggies
  • bitter, astringent and pungent tastes
  • lively music and stimulating aromas such as cinnamon and citrus fruits
  • keeping warm and dry especially in cool, damp weather
  • spring cleaning and getting rid of clutter in the home and workspace
  • intense endurance exercise due heavier build such as running, aerobics and swimming

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