Elements: fire & water

Qualities: hot, sharp, oily & acidic

Physiological functions: metabolism, digestion & body heat

Seasons: summer & early autumn

Times of day: 10am – 2pm & 10pm – 2am

Individuals that have a pitta imbalance may have a short-temper, impatience, excessive thirst or hunger, heartburn, acne and may get hot easily. Cooling factors that oppose these tendencies and can help restore pitta balance include:

  • cool, dry and dense foods such as whole grains and root vegetables
  • sweet, bitter and astringent tastes
  • making time to have fun and relieve pressures
  • wearing lighter clothing made of natural fabrics such as cotton
  • spending time in nature especially in moonlight or by water
  • moderate exercise, being careful not to overexert, such as swimming, hiking and biking

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