Elements: air & space

Qualities: cold, light, dry & mobile

Physiological functions: movement in the body such as fluids, nerve signals & elimination of waste

Seasons: autumn & early winter

Times of day: 2am – 6am & 2pm – 6pm

Individuals that have a vata imbalance may have anxiety, restlessness, low body weight, dry skin, constipation and may get cold easily. Grounding factors that oppose these tendencies and can help restore vata balance include:

  • warm, moist and heavy foods such as hearty stews and porridge
  • sweet, salty and sour tastes
  • slowing down and taking some deep breaths
  • warm clothing and staying indoors during vata season
  • adequate rest; awakening by 6am and retiring by 10pm
  • gentle exercise due light frame such as walking, yoga and badminton

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