Benefits of Fennel Seeds

img_1100Fennel seeds have many health benefits and can be used in a variety of different ways such as in cooking, tea or just chewing it by itself. It is a cooling spice and therefore is especially good for Pitta types. It has a anise type aroma so if like me you enjoy this flavour then you will be sure to love fennel seeds!

As is commonly done in Indian culture, I chew fennels seeds after a meal as it aids in digestion but is also a mouth freshener. That way I can use them as a natural alternative to mints and gum. I usually take half a teaspoon amount into the palm of my hand, as only a small amount is needed for a delicious burst of flavour.


Fennel seeds can be found in most grocery stores, prepackaged or in bulk, and are around $1 per 100 grams, so it is relatively cheap and a few 100 grams lasts a long time. For easy travel, I carry a small container in my handbag and also put a container in my desk drawer at work. I love fennel seeds!

You can use any small container but I just love these ones with the little spoon! They can be found in pretty much any Indian grocery store. 


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